Water / Sewer Department

Water / Sewer Department
The Water and Sewer system are handled by DPW which is dedicated to serving and protecting the public health of the residents of the City of Huntington Woods by efficiently and effectively operating and maintaining the City’s water distribution and sewage collection system. These continuous efforts ensure that our residents are provided with the highest quality, safe and dependable drinking water available, that adequate water flow is available to fight fires, and to protect the environment by ensuring the safe and appropriate disposal of wastewater to the newly formed Great Lakes Water Authority   (GLWA) waste treatment facility.

As a member, Huntington Woods purchases its water through the South Oakland County Water Authority (SOCWA).  As part of the Clinton River Watershed System, our waste water passes through the GWKuhn Drainage System (the Twelve Town Drain) where it is diverted to the DWSD Waste Water Treatment plant.  Check out some of these useful links for more information.

Great Lakes Water Authority
Clinton River Watershed Council
Oakland County Water Resources Commission

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