Hydrant Flushing through the Month of August
Starting on August 1, the DPW will begin its annual flushing of fire hydrants. This process keeps fire hydrants in good working order. The process stirs up sediment, which can make your water temporarily cloudy or off-color.  If you notice this at home, you will want to clear your water lines by running cold water for several minutes, from an outside hose or a faucet as close to your meter as possible, until the water is clear.

You do not want this sediment in your washing machine, as it could stain light colored items. You may want to avoid doing laundry during the hours between 7am and 3pm for the month of August – we will start on the east side of the city (Woodward) and work our way west toward Coolidge, but it’s hard to predict where we’ll be on a specific day. The hydrant nearest your home is not necessarily the one that could cause sediment in your water lines, so keep an eye on your water during this time.

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