DPW Construction Updates

Asphalt Rejuvenation:  Monday September 19
Barring rainy weather, on Monday the 19th, our contractor will apply Reclamite® asphalt rejuvenator to several blocks of road where there is newer asphalt. The city has been using this for several years to keep newer asphalt in good condition and add years to its life. During the application of the product, no cars may be parked on the street and “Road Closed” will be posted , but the closures will be brief – generally well under one hour per city block.   For more information about Reclamite® , you can visit:  https://www.pavetechinc.com/reclamite-asphalt-rejuvenator/. The blocks involved for Monday are:

  • Borgman (Meadowcrest to Huntington)
  • Huntington (Borgman to Eleven Mile)
  • LaSalle (Berkley to Henley)
  • LaSalle (Henley to end)
  • Borgman (Coolidge to Berkley)
  • Borgman (pavement change at Henley to Scotia)
  • Lincoln (Coolidge to pavement change)
  • Allor (Lincoln to Elgin)
  • Balfour (Coolidge to Henley)
  • Henley (Ludlow to Winchester)

Road Construction
On the LaSalle/Wyoming project, restorations of right-of-way will be underway and preparations are ongoing for curbs and driveway approaches on Wyoming. We’ll notify residents in those areas when it’s time to move cars out of driveways.  Please watch for emailed information and notes on doors from the DPW.

The city’s chipping service has been hampered by persistent equipment problems, but we are trying to make other arrangements to take care of the branches set out by residents.  We’ll pick them up as soon as possible. 


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