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The city-wide sewer cleaning and televising program is complete and the engineers reviewed the videotapes from the project. They have recommended the City undertake three different types of repair to mitigate impacts from future significant rain events. The engineers recommended a three pronged approach for repairs which has been separated into 2 phases.

  • Sewer main replacement. Phase one is the bond referendum on the November ballot to fund the repairs where sewer mains need to be replaced.
  • Pipe bursting. This method inserts a new sewer line into an existing sewer pipe. The City has asked the Long Range Budget & Planning Committee to provide a recommendation for funding and a timetable in conjunction with the construction of the remaining roads. Phase 2 will address the pipe bursting sewer repair and the remaining road repairs.
  • Sewer lining. This method involves lining existing sewer mains with a durable plastic coating. The proposed funding is from the $17/quarter flat fee that is currently assessed on each water bill. Work is expected to begin this winter and be completed within 5 – 6 years.

The sewer replacement projects in phase one are deemed the most critical to complete. Recognizing there is efficiency in combining the sewer replacement work with road reconstruction at the same time, the proposed project includes limited road reconstruction where sewers are going to be replaced in the road.

The estimated cost for the phase one sewer and adjoining road work is $7,845,000. The bond proposal on the November 6, 2018 ballot will be to fund the phase one repair project. If approved, the estimated millage for the first year is 0.77 mills and the estimated annual millage rate for the 15-year bond is 1.57 mills.

Further, the City Commission has asked the Long Range Budget and Planning Committee to prepare a recommendation to address the timing and funding for the phase two sewer repairs and to take into consideration the remaining roads that need to be reconstructed in their recommendation.