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Be advised of a possible scam involving person(s) attempting to enter homes and/or businesses with a water shut-off and/or repair tactic. You should not allow any person(s) to enter your residence or place of business unless they are known to you. If water-related work is required inside your home or business by City of Huntington Woods, the Department of Public Works will call in advance and schedule an appointment. On the scheduled day of the appointment, a duly employed Department of Public Works member will come out to your home in a City of Huntington Woods marked vehicle and they will be carrying photo identification containing proper credentials. If there are any questions as to the employment status and purpose of the visitor/visit, call the Department of Public Works (248.547.1888) for verification. If someone comes to your home requesting entry in order to shut-off the water, do not allow them entry and call the Huntington Woods Department of Public Safety immediately and an officer will be dispatched to your location.