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The City Commission approved a Welcoming Cities resolution in 2017 and HW resident Steve Gold (plutsk@gmail.com) encouraged the City to consider taking additional measures to support the values stated in the resolution.  To that end, he collaborated with representatives from the Welcoming Cities initiative and proposed a new resident-led Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee. 

The proposal was discussed at the August 20th City Commission meeting and formally approved at the meeting.  Information is available on the City's website for residents interested in learning more about the Committee's charge and the composition of the new Committee.  Residents who represent any of the following through personal or professional experience are encouraged to apply here  for appointment to the Committee:

-        disabled persons;

-        the LGBTQ community;

-        the African-American community;

-        the Hispanic or Latinx community;

-        Arabic-speaking persons who are immigrants from or have ancestry from Western Asian countries;  

-        persons who are immigrants from or have ancestry from South Central Asian countries;

-        persons of Asian, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander race;  

-     persons who are American Indian/Alaska Native;

-     current high school students or recent (within one year) graduates (plus one alternate member for this slot);

-    two at-large members