Environmental Advisory Committee

Environmental Advisory Committee
The Environmental Advisory Board studies environmental issues and makes recommendations to the City Commission on their implementation. Committee members volunteer their time to carry out recommended projects. This committee generally meets on the third Thursday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at the Library. The EAC has done work in, among other things, solid waste (recycling and expansion of yard waste), energy conservation (promoting energy audits, workshops on easy ways to save energy and money), sustainability, expansion of safe biking (recommended to the Commission to paint Sharows on city streets well known as bike routes), water conservation (bi-annual rain barrel sales). They look to expand into other environmental issues such as promoting NO IDLING within the city. They are always open to new ideas and directions.
Staff contact: Amy Sullivan

Environmental Advisory Board 
  (9 members)
Daniel Brooks
Mari Masaline Cooper
David Egan
Ben Falik
Bridget McKinley
Julie Petrik
Aaron Retish
Sarah Jo Sautter

Student Representative: Vacancy

Commission Liaison: Jeff Jenks


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