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Huntington Woods along with Berkley and Oak Park were the recipients of a multi-community planning grant from SEMCOG.  The objective was to look at opportunities for improvement along our shared 11 Mile and Coolidge corridors.  The engineering firm of Spaulding DeDecker was awarded the contract for the study and their report is complete.  The report focused on:  green infrastructure opportunities, identifying most used crosswalk locations and potential uses for an expanded right of way if the roads were redesigned and the number of drivable lanes were reduced.  The City Commission received the report at the July 16th meeting and directed staff to obtain feedback from City Departments and the Planning Commission.  The report is available for viewing HERE.
Consumers Energy is replacing the gas line in the right of way and the adjoining service leads in the area marked on the map. The work will be done with directional boring to minimize disruption to the right of way and homeowners getting new service leads will be contacted by Consumers Energy directly.

With the recent passage of Proposal 3 in the November 2018 General Election, registered voters can now request an absentee ballot without providing a reason. Under Michigan election law, all registered voters are eligible to be placed on the Permanent Absent Voter List. 

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